Project: Boutique „MP“, Vorderstadt 21, 6370 Kitzbühel
Completion: 2010
Client: Marion Pletzer

Photos:  © Angelo Kaunat


With its elegance and understated charm, the MP boutique in Kitzbühel is the very definition of ‘less is more’. During the design process, Stefan Umdasch Design moved away from the brand identity of the products on offer, so as to let the fashion speak entirely for itself. The combination of straight lines and functionality, together with warm colours, illustrate the particular charm of the design.

For the materials, Indonesian ebony was chosen for the central display cases, along with an Italian stone floor chosen for its robustness to ensure that even heavy ski boots leave no marks. The use of mirrors makes the approximately 50-square-metre space premises appear considerably larger. The ceiling skirting, used to hide the technology, provides an effective contrast to the historical structure of the vault.