Project: Interior design concept
Completion: 2011
Client: Oliver Attensam


Mc Attensam meeting room

Attensam AG, based in Klosterneuburg, Lower Austria, is one of the largest providers of facilities management, industrial cleaning and snow-clearing services in Austria.

The owner, Oliver Attensam, commissioned Stefan Umdasch Design to design an area that is very important to him, as he saw the motivating potential of the space for his team of employees. The company is organised into internal and external employees, so the idea was to create two areas. It was, however, intended for this division to be spacious, consciously visible and inviting. The meeting point is also a combination of quiet area, snack bar, break room, cafeteria and communication room with an in-house info screen.

As well as a peaceful central theme, the room specifications also include good lighting and air flow, and excellent seat ergonomics.